1. Including ‘Study sites’ in the course details

    We updated the ‘Add course’ and the edit course flows to include ‘Study sites’

  2. Adding a study site when JavaScript is unavailable

    We added a no-JavaScript version of the add study site flow

  3. Adding ‘Study sites’

    We added a way for providers to add ‘Study sites’ to their account using Get information about schools (GIAS) data

  4. Creating a new provider onboarding form and accompanying email

    We made a Microsoft onboarding form and updated the content for the form and support team email

  5. Replacing the ‘Teaching apprenticeship’ question for accredited providers

    We replaced the ‘Teaching apprenticeship’ question with the ‘Funding type’ question for accredited providers

  6. Updating organisation details

    We updated the organisation details section to reflect work done on adding and editing organisations in Support

  7. Removing course vacancies

    We removed course vacancies as this was misleading for candidates

  8. Managing and communicating rollover in 2022

    We duplicated courses, added a way to switch between recruitment cycles and informed users about the rollover process

  9. Adding new guidance pages to ‘How to use this service’

    We added some new guidance about how to use Publish following initial teacher training (ITT) reforms

  10. Adding an accredited provider when JavaScript is unavailable

    We added a no-JavaScript version of the add accredited provider flow

  11. Improving how training partners manage their accredited providers

    We improved how training partners add, update and remove accredited providers

  12. Improving the course preview

    We updated the the draft course preview to make it easier to view and update missing content

  13. Adding a school when there is no JavaScript available

    We added a no-JavaScript version of the add school flow

  14. Renaming ‘locations’ to ‘school placements’

    We replaced the term ‘Locations’ with ‘School placements’ to reflect the information displayed on Find postgraduate teacher training

  15. Improving how providers add schools

    We added a way for providers to find schools to add to their account using Get Information about Schools (GIAS) data

  16. Renaming ‘accredited body’ to ‘accredited provider’

    We replaced the term ‘accredited body’ with ‘accredited provider’ to reflect how we talk about providers internally and externally

  17. Updating the error messages displayed in the add and edit course flows

    We improved the error messages on the ‘Add course’ and edit course flows to make the language clearer and more accurate

  18. Revising ‘Engineers teach physics’ content

    We updated two pages containing Engineers teach physics content

  19. Updating error pages

    We updated error pages shown when a page is not found or when there is a problem with the service

  20. Showing course title on the ‘Check your answers’ page

    We updated the position of the course title on the add course ‘Check your answers’ page to make it clear to users how the course will be named

  21. Updating information about bursaries and scholarships

    We updated the bursary and scholarship information following the publication of funding information for the academic year 2023 to 2024

  22. Adding an ‘Engineers teach physics’ question to courses

    We added a way for providers to mark their physics courses as being part of the ‘Engineers teach physics’ programme

  23. Updating the ‘Check your answers’ and course details pages

    We updated the ‘Check your answers’ and course details pages to make the content consistent with the add and edit course flows

  24. Making the visa sponsorship questions clearer

    We improved the clarity of the visa sponsorship questions and made them more specific

  25. Making course previews consistent with Find

    We updated course previews to make them consistent with Find and improved how we indicate missing content

  26. Improving the content on the add and edit course flows

    We updated content and some interactions to make adding and editing a course clearer

  27. Separating the ‘Published’ status into ‘Open’, ‘Closed’ and ‘Scheduled’ statuses

    We updated the ‘Published’ status to more accurately describe the state the course is in on Find postgraduate teacher training

  28. Updating how providers manage course vacancies

  29. Changing ‘cycle’ to ‘recruitment cycle’

    We updated the wording in Publish to match Manage and our style guide

  30. Reviewing course statuses

    We reviewed the course statuses and found ways to improve them

  31. Improving the course summary examples guidance page

    We updated the course summary examples page in response to provider feedback

  32. Indicating unanswered questions with ‘not entered’

    We made sure we’re consistent in how we indicate that a provider did not answer a question

  33. Improving the guidance on the course description pages

    We updated the guidance on the course summary, school placements and interview process pages to make it more relevant and concise

  34. Adding guidance on how to use this service

    We added a new guidance section to the service to help users create better course content

  35. Allowing users to manually rollover courses not previously published

    We added a way for users to manually roll over courses into the next recruitment cycle

  36. Emailing users to let them know that courses will be rolled over soon

    We emailed all Publish users to tell them that their courses would be rolled over on 7 July 2022

  37. Moving the position of course status and course actions

    We moved the course status tag and course actions to make it easier for users to see the status of their course and take action

  38. Switching between recruitment cycles during rollover

    We added a way for users to be able to switch between recruitment cycles during rollover

  39. Updating how organisations manage their locations

    We improved the process of managing locations and now allow providers to remove locations

  40. Showing financial support from the government

    We added bursary and scholarship information to the course length and fees section of the course description page

  41. Showing academic year on the course details page

    We added academic year information next to the course start date on the course details page

  42. Emailing accredited bodies when they have been added to a lead school or their permissions have changed

    We created three notification emails to let accredited bodies know about changes to permissions

  43. Giving accredited bodies the ability to manage courses they ratify

    We added a way for accredited bodies to manage their training partners’ courses

  44. Giving lead schools the ability to manage permissions for their accredited bodies

    We added a way for lead schools to give permission to their accredited bodies to manage courses and locations on their behalf

  45. Updating button labels and success messages

    We updated the content on some buttons and success messages to match the interaction

  46. Changes to the welcome email

    We updated the welcome email users receive to make it concise and consistent with other emails we send

  47. Reorganising organisation details

    We updated the organisation details section to lay out the content better

  48. Managing accredited bodies if you’re a lead school

    We simplified how lead schools manage their accredited body relationships

  49. Viewing training partners and their courses if you’re an accredited body

    We moved courses as an accredited body into a new section called training partners

  50. Simplifying how organisations manage their users

    We simplified the process of managing users and removed the need for Support team involvement