User research 12 April 2018

Testing business studies flow with users interested in becoming a teacher, but not necessarily within business studies.

Screenshot of Index

Users had a tendency to click the first link on the page, in this case ‘school experience’.

In response we moved the start button to the top.

A user expected a link to details about the IETLS exam. We added a link.

Search by provider#
Screenshot of Search by provider

Users did not always understand the meaning of ‘training provider’

We clarified the label by indicating that it’s a school or university.

Financial support#
Screenshot of Financial support

When clicking ‘Only show…’, users did not expect the volume of content that appeared beneath the option.

Search results#
Screenshot of Search results

Users found it hard to distinguish between search results with similar titles. We updated search result titles.

No search results#
Screenshot of No search results
Course details #1#
Screenshot of Course details #1
Course details #2#
Screenshot of Course details #2
Study type filter#
Screenshot of Study type filter
Qualifications filter#
Screenshot of Qualifications filter