What we launched – 2 October 2018

On 2 October 2018 we launched the public beta of Find posgraduate teacher training to users. This included a new start page on GOV.UK and links to it from UCAS and Get into Teaching.

GOV.UK start page#
Screenshot of GOV.UK start page

Go to GOV.UK start page

This is published as a guidance page using Whitehall, rather than a standard service page such as Check your state pension age. This was because the service wasn’t ‘mainstream’, while it also gave DfE greater control over the content.

It introduces some problems, and we’re beginning the process of switching to a standard start page. Namely:

  • the incorrect page template has misleading elements; page type, breadcrumbs, irrelevant related links, prominence on ‘Applies to England’ rather than ‘Start now’
  • we can’t easily track journeys from GOV.UK to our service, we have no visbility of referrers to the start page
  • the published date is irrelevant

A standard start page would also give us:

  • a shorter and cleaner URL
  • more prominence on GOV.UK in taxonomy and search
  • proper downtime messaging if we need it
Find by location#
Screenshot of Find by location
Find by location (provider selected)#
Screenshot of Find by location (provider selected)
Find by subject#
Screenshot of Find by subject
Search results#
Screenshot of Search results
Further education search results#
Screenshot of Further education search results
Study type filter#
Screenshot of Study type filter
Qualification filter#
Screenshot of Qualification filter
Salary filter#
Screenshot of Salary filter
No results#
Screenshot of No results
Full course page#
Screenshot of Full course page
Full course page with salary#
Screenshot of Full course page with salary
Full course page (PGDE)#
Screenshot of Full course page (PGDE)
Course not enriched#
Screenshot of Course not enriched